About Business Leaders of Colors

BLOC is a network of business owners, entrepreneurs, consultants, and social justice leaders… all focused on helping you succeed in your business. Our website is a new service that's growing to help you connect, learn, and access shared resources and events.

Connections for Business Leaders

BLOC began as a series of networking events that turned into a company that offers support for small businesses.

Marketing can be a big problem for small businesses because they often have no marketing budget. So how do you advertise? Business Leaders of Colors is creating a platform to help your business stand out.

This website is in the early stages – but allows you to create a custom profile in our growing directory. Adding your professional profile to the website helps promote your business. You can also search for other business leaders in the network who share your interests and compliment your skills.

The “S” Sparks the Conversation

BLOC is a network built for the overlooked, underrepresented business owners of colors. We know that all is not equal in the business world and we are working to level the playing field. This network is our fight for social justice.

Why Business Leaders of Color(s) and not Business Leaders of Color? Well the “S” Sparks the conversation!

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We originally had the name Business Leaders of Color and changed the name from color to colors because we wanted to make sure we were inclusive of all nationalities of color.

A BLOC member from Venezuela said he wasn’t sure he would be welcome because he wasn’t Black. He believed as many of us do that in the US when the term person of color is mentioned, most Americans think Black. To be inclusive of people from all nations we changed the name from color to colors.

We define a Business Leader as an entrepreneur, a small business owner, a manager of a bank, a teller at said bank, employee of a non-profit or anyone with a desire to connect with and support small business owners of colors in their community.

Business Leaders of Colors is for you if:

  • You want to be connected to a vibrant local and online network
  • You offer a service or product that can benefit our members
  • You want to learn from and support other business leaders of colors
  • You want to a profitable business

BLOC began with the understanding that collaboration, not competition, provides the greatest opportunity, motivation, and success for small business owners.

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Our Core Team

Click on any of our profiles below to connect with us and learn more about what we do with BLOC.