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The “S” Sparks the Conversation

BLOC is a network for the marginalized, underrepresented business owners of colors. We know that all is not equal in the business world and we are working to level the playing field. This network is our fight for Social Justice.

Why Business Leaders of Color(s) and not Business Leaders of Color? Well the “S” Sparks the conversation!

We originally had the name Business Leaders of Color and changed the name from color to colors because we wanted to make sure we were inclusive of all nationalities of color. A BLOC member from Venezuela said he wasn’t sure he would be welcome because he wasn’t Black.

He believed as many of us do that in the US when the term person of color is mentioned, most Americans think Black. To be inclusive of people from all nations we changed the name from color to colors.

We define a Business Leader as an entrepreneur, a small business owner, a manager of a bank, a teller at said bank, employee of a non-profit or anyone with a desire to connect with and support small business owners of colors in their community.

Gladys Brangman

About Gladys Brangman

I am at my best when serving others and have set out to make the local small business world more profitable by offering support services and networking opportunities. My most recent venture is Business Leaders of Colors (BLOC) a local network designed to support small businesses. I believe that if business owners of color(s) are going to thrive they needed to be aware of and support one another. A gathering to celebrate Black History Month three years ago, transformed into a network that transformed into a business. BLOC offers reduced cost business and financial training, marketing, a web presence, and networking opportunities.

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