Hello fellow BLOC members –

I hope you’re all doing okay! I’m writing to share. 

COV-19 is literally impacting everyone, so I’m making sure all my family, friends and various other connections have access to real time information they can use NOW! 

The link below accesses relevant info our company, Legal Shield) has made available.  It is being updated daily, therefore, can be a helpful ongoing resource for you and others you know! 

Simply scroll through and click links of interest so you can be much more informed . . . and much better prepared!


Please let me know if you have questions or would like additional information





Here’s an informative Video done by one of my Legal Shield business colleagues last week:

Small Business Overview: COVID-19 Concerns  https://ls-info.com/d/zTvPkv

Gladys Brangman

About Gladys Brangman

Gladys is at her best when serving others and has set out to make the small business world more profitable by providing access to educational services and networking opportunities. Her most recent venture is Business Leaders of Colors (BLOC) a local network designed to support small business owners. She believes that if business owners of color(s) are going to thrive they needed to have access to funding, education. A gathering to celebrate Black History Month four years ago, transformed into a network that became a business created to serve the under represented members of the small business community. BLOC offers reduced cost business and financial training, marketing, and a web presence for businesses that do not have one.