COVID-19: Survival as a Local Business

Free – Online – 45 min

Friday, April 10th @ 4pm

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The CARES Act and SBA funding requirements are a moving target.

Business Leaders of Colors is hosting an online roundtable to discuss applying for Disaster Funding through the CARES Stimulus Act with Talia Watson, Biz Dev and Financial Consultant. She will give the inside scoop on each program, who is eligible, how best to apply, and tips & trick she has obtained from SBA officials. Additionally, we’ll look at long term implications of these programs and what else other businesses are doing to weather the storm and come out thriving.

The presentation will be followed by a roundtable Q&A where attendees can voice their questions and concerns.


  • The different loan programs: EIDL or PPP? explained.
  • Who qualifies for which programs: Yes,1099s can apply.
  • What you need for your application: Making it a stress free process.
  • Tax, capitalization, and cash flow implications: Taking a 60,000 ft view.
  • What are other businesses doing? Can we make the right decisions for both worst and best case scenarios in mind?
  • Questions: ask me anything.

*If you are a pre-revenue company, non-profit, a freelancer, independent contractor, or simply self-employed, you CAN and SHOULD apply, and your concerns will be addressed at this presentation.

If you can’t make any of the above times, feel free to call Talia on her cell: 641.451.1023 or home: 607.252.6510

IF THIS DOESN’T APPLY TO YOU PERSONALLY, YOU CAN STILL PASS THIS ON. ALL ARE WELCOME. Go ahead, pass it on. Share the love by sharing some knowledge.
-Talia R Watson

Gladys Brangman

About Gladys Brangman

Gladys is at her best when serving others and has set out to make the small business world more profitable by providing access to educational services and networking opportunities. Her most recent venture is Business Leaders of Colors (BLOC) a local network designed to support small business owners. She believes that if business owners of color(s) are going to thrive they needed to have access to funding, education. A gathering to celebrate Black History Month four years ago, transformed into a network that became a business created to serve the under represented members of the small business community. BLOC offers reduced cost business and financial training, marketing, and a web presence for businesses that do not have one.