Good Morning Business Leaders!

I hope this message finds you well. With all the SBA loans available there is much information to sort through. Any current or interested borrowers are encouraged to contact the Alternatives Business Lending Team to talk through your specific situation so they can determine how they might be able to help. There is a lot of information available and each business owner’s needs are different. The direct contact information is listed below.

Bob Anderson-

Branka Gligoric-

Dante Acquavella-

In addition, Talia Watson BLOC’s Financial Advisor can…

  • Create a digital map of the member’s household assets that acts as an easy-to-read official snapshot of your entire situation (cash flows, assets, liabilities, and insurances) to be used with an attorney, accountant, loan underwriter, or simply to reference when making financial decisions.
  • Create a funding goal map that calculates what you will need for various goals, such as: retirement, loss of life, a home purchase, etc. Second step is using the asset map is to calculate how close to your funding goal you are already. Third, she can talk about what monthly practices can be used to keep you on track to meeting those goals.
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs can consult with Talia to discuss how your business and personal finances can be balanced and well managed. In addition, discuss in-depth managing revenue streams, cash flows, and capital funding to get out of red and become income positive.
  • Lastly, she provides personalized education on various financial instruments. For example, providing an overview of how life insurance, annuities, or combination products work. Help you analyze any products you are considering, discuss pros and cons, and help to calculate an appropriate utilization. Another example: how much life insurance do you actually need, and if you can’t afford that amount monthly, what are the ways to get coverage at a lower rate and ensure your family’s safety?

As a side note: as an independent fiduciary, she is legally and morally bound to providing education and unbiased product analysis for anyone she advises. Any recommendation is believed to be in your best interest.

Gladys Brangman

About Gladys Brangman

Gladys is at her best when serving others and has set out to make the small business world more profitable by providing access to educational services and networking opportunities. Her most recent venture is Business Leaders of Colors (BLOC) a local network designed to support small business owners. She believes that if business owners of color(s) are going to thrive they needed to have access to funding, education. A gathering to celebrate Black History Month four years ago, transformed into a network that became a business created to serve the under represented members of the small business community. BLOC offers reduced cost business and financial training, marketing, and a web presence for businesses that do not have one.